Rhosneigr Evangelical Church
Horeb Chapel
“Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”
1 Timothy 1:15
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History of Rhosneigr Evangelical Church

  The commencement of the church was in the early 1970s when some Christian families got together for worship, meeting in their homes. A Sunday School was started and other activities for young people.
   A move was made to 'Morcroft Christian Centre' in 1979, but as more people came to the Centre the accommodation became inadequate.
    In 1986 the Wesleyan Cause at Horeb Chapel came to an end, and the chapel was to be put up for sale. It was decided that Rhosneigr Evangelical Church would put in an offer to purchase the building. (Rhosneigr Evangelical Church had leased the chapel during the summer months for many years). But how were the church to pay for it, and how were they going to find the money for the necessary alterations and repairs? There was only £575.00 in the building fund. This was to be a real step of faith in God, whom many had already proved could supply all their needs. So requests in prayer were made to God for help and guidance - and He was shown to be faithful to His promises.
    With sacrificial giving and help from friends, as the Lord led them, enough funds were made available for the purchase and the complete scheme of alterations.
The renovations have taken eleven months, and thanks is given to the many tradesmen who have been employed. Some work was done by church members themselves, which has generated a spirit of oneness.
    The building work is complete, but the spiritual work for God is not. He has placed His church in Rhosneigr to proclaim His great salvation, which only comes through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a great need today to re-establish in the minds of men and women, boys and girls the truth of the Word of God - the Bible, and to witness to the fact that Jesus did rise from the dead, and is a living bright reality to those who trust and obey Him.
     Not only do we have the spirit of 1904, but the Spirit of Truth with whose help the new Horeb will be filled to capacity with those who have found Jesus Christ to be someone real.

David Bonnett, 1988

Original Plan of Horeb Chapel                Plan of Alterations 1987/88
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In November 2011 a booklet was compiled outlining the history of ‘Horeb’ Chapel. With Chapels in Wales closing at the rate of one a week, here is the story of one that closed, and re-opened.

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